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Erin is one of the most professional health care providers I've ever worked with. Her ability to listen and understand what you are trying to communicate regarding your condition is extraordinary. You will be more than happy with your results!



Erin's Myofascial therapy has greatly benefited me. It has enabled me to get back to my heavy weight training in a safe way, with greater awareness of my core. Erin is a great professional, excellent in her skills, and ability to teach.



I find Erin to be very competent, knowledgeable, caring and effective in her treatment. I sought Erin out in hopes of relieving my shoulder pain. She has been very effective in relieving that pain. During treatment Erin discovered reasons for a long standing gait issue that I had. She incorporated ways to alleviate my gait issue in my treatment and that treatment has markedly improved my walking. Erin has proven to be attentive to my emotional as well as my physical needs throughout treatment. I am convinced of Erin’s deep empathy toward and effective treatment with me. 



After a few sessions with Erin using Myofascial Release therapy, I felt a significant difference in my neck pain which I previously was not able to accomplish with other providers. Thanks Erin!



As a nurse, self care and preventing unnecessary decline as I age is important to me. I want to age with joy, move my body with grace and ease and to be as alive and present in my life and with those I love as much as possible! Working with Erin brings me this! She is a compassionate deep listener, open hearted and joyful, and helps me connect my body to my thoughts and emotions. She is a skillful and gentle healer and “knows” where to work on my body-many times surprising me. I leave our sessions feeling lighter and sort of “springy”. I notice subtle changes in ease of everyday moving, I dance more spontaneously, and feel the possibility of healing and change in my life. So grateful!


                                                   Mary Elizabeth

Erin's high level of genuine compassion made it easy to learn more about the amazing body and all the energy...ALL the energy... and gently tune in and heal many things that have been with me, probably my whole life. While physical issues are typically the reason I face suppressed energy, I'm ecstatic with all the other healing and growth and contentment and clarity that seemed to come so easily while working with Erin. Anyone would greatly benefit from a round of sessions with her, but especially those with the desire to help others's wonderful self-care, love and compassion, which lends naturally more love and compassion for others. - Complete Healing Author                                                                                                             

                                                        Mary Anne


Erin is just a wonderful therapist. Her skills  and understanding of your bodying your restrictions are beyond expectations. We met in Myofascial Release Class and I was lucky to work with her. After she but her hands on me I immediately felt she is the therapist I was looking for, her energy and touch. I felt she knew exactly what my body was asking for and for so long asking for attention to release and let go of tension and trauma. I invited Erin to treat 3 of my friends. All of them had amazing experiences with Erin. We wish she lived in Naples. One of them is a doctor, he said 'I'm so impressed by Erin's knowledge, within one hour of treatment I got to know more about my body and health issues than I ever got in his life time from traditional healthcare, his doctor and other specialists. We love Erin! Anyone who is looking for a great therapist, you don't need to look any further! I highly recommend her!



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