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Erin's Myofascial therapy has greatly benefited me. It has enabled me to get back to my heavy weight training in a safe way, with greater awareness of my core. Erin is a great professional, excellent in her skills, and ability to teach.

                                           4 Apr 2022


After a few sessions with Erin using Myofascial Release therapy, I felt a significant difference in my neck pain which I previously was not able to accomplish with other providers. Thanks Erin!

                                                            17 May 2022


Erin is one of the most professional healthcare providers I've ever worked with. Her ability to listen and understand what you are trying to communicate regarding your condition is extraordinary. I believe the is why you will be more than happy with your results working with Erin.                                           5 May 2022


Erin's high level of genuine compassion made it easy to learn more about the amazing body and all the energy...ALL the energy... and gently tune in and heal many things that have been with me, probably my whole life. While physical issues are typically the reason I face suppressed energy, I'm ecstatic with all the other healing and growth and contentment and clarity that seemed to come so easily while working with Erin. Anyone would greatly benefit from a round of sessions with her, but especially those with the desire to help others heal...it's wonderful self-care, love and compassion, which lends naturally more love and compassion for others. - Complete Healing Author Mary Anne                                                        8 June 2022