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Get Ready for your First Session

Updated: Apr 26

You standing on the edge of a great discovery
Getting Ready to Dive in

Let's talk about how the first session typically goes.

You'll arrive to the office having already completed your intake & consent forms online (which I email to you when you schedule online). This way I'll be aware of any conditions that are contraindicated for your treatment. We will briefly talk about your thought and emotional space and how that relates to body sensations, pain and discomfort.

We will find the optimal air temperature, music volume, and light intensity. You will be wearing a swimsuit, shorts and tank or comfortable loose clothing.

Then I will assess all major areas of your body, range of motion in your major joints, and strength. Once I get a good picture of how your body is supporting and holding itself we get started with treatment. I have you assume various stretch positions with pillows/props and then utilize gentle sustained pressure, never forcing, staying for 5 or more minutes until the a sensation of increased space or openness occurs (warmth, coolness, air/water or sometimes a ripping/burning sensation in tight scar tissue).

Sometimes emotions may come up, old memories or thought patterns. You are encouraged to just observe and let them move through you. The body will have what is called a vaso-motor response which is redness or heat appearing in a place we are working. They are encouraged as signs of release and healing! They will go away in about 20 minutes.

Before you go we will talk about a plan and home exercise/releasing program to make sure you continue the daily work of opening up at your own rate and ability.

I look forward to working with and seeing you. - Erin

Tips before you leave the house

-Wear a swim suit, shorts and t-shirt, or loose clothing that you can easily move in and allows access to major muscle groups.

-Do not put extra oil or lotion on your skin before treatment.

Tips after the session

-Drink lots of water

-Take it easy. When you open up your deeper tissue it can be a sensitive place. Be gentle with yourself and excuse yourself from obligations if you need to and can.

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