Get Ready for your First Session

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Let's talk about how the first session typically goes.

You'll arrive to the office providing your past medical history forms & consents to make sure I'm aware of any conditions that are contraindicated for your treatment.

We will find the optimal air temperature, music volume, lights intensity. I'll step out for a few minutes. You can change or get ready in your swimsuit, shorts and tank or comfortable loose clothing.

I'll return, if you consented to photographs (only for evaluation and re-evaluation purposes). We will take photos in each cardinal direction to visually depict where your body naturally positions with its current restrictions.

Then I will assess all major areas of your body, range of motion in your major joints, and strength.

Once I get a good picture of how your body is supporting and holding itself we get started with treatment. I have you assume various stretch positions with pillows/props and then utilize gentle sustained pressure, never forcing, staying for 3-5 minutes until the a sensation of increased space or openness occurs.

Sometimes the body will have what is called a vaso-motor response which is redness or heat appearing in a place we are working. They are encouraged as signs of release and healing! They will go away in about 20 minutes.

Before you go we will talk about a home exercise/releasing program to make sure you continue the daily work of opening up at your own rate and ability.

I look forward to seeing you. - Erin

Tips before you leave the house

-Wear a swim suit, shorts and t-shirt, or loose clothing that you can easily move in and allows access to major muscle groups.

-Do not put extra oil or lotion on your skin before treatment.

Tips after the session

-Drink lots of water

-Take it easy. When you open up your deeper tissue it can be a sensitive place. Be gentle with yourself and excuse yourself from obligations if you need to and can.

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