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Connect with your True Nature

Get to the Root of your Pain!

Allow myofascial release to help you find the way to honor and let go of all your tension, stress, guarding, pain, and limitations. Our connective tissue (Fascia) is the fabric of our lives, it holds everything within it, including deep subconscious beliefs.  This powerful, yet gentle, hands-on, body-based technique was developed by John F. Barnes. He is a pioneer in connecting the mind, body, and spirit and considering the totality of each person he treats.


You are meant for greatness. You are capable of anything. Transmute the pain, holding, suffering, and past into fuel for the most beautiful, liberated, and expansive version of your dream. Let us guide you!

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Hi I'm Erin, Your Guide

I'm so honored you're here. I hold space for you to safely explore your current body, mind, reality and life with steadfast, centered devotion. Together, let's create a safe container to welcome the quieting, listening, trusting, and feeling skills to allow your most magnificent version of life to unfold.

Re-connect with your essence. Now is your time.


"My experience in one full session with Erin was life changing. Her therapeutic approach is gentle and powerful. I had no idea what my body was holding onto until Erin supported its natural ability to self-correct. I can feel healthy spaces in my joints and the tension in my jaw, neck and back are free! I can't wait to go back and experience what I can let go of. The life lessons you learn in a session with Erin is an added bonus.

-Shannon W.

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