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Tue, Apr 23


Dream Keepers Suite

Release Hidden Deep Tension in your Core!

Learn about your Psoas and how it contributes to tension everywhere in your body.

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Release Hidden Deep Tension in your Core!
Release Hidden Deep Tension in your Core!

Time & Location

Apr 23, 2024, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CDT

Dream Keepers Suite, 307 S Paterson St, Madison, WI 53703, USA


About the event

This class is inspired by a question I have....Do you have back or hip pain? ......What do you know about your Psoas?

I've been spending lots of time with mine lately and every recent client can attest to my fascination with it during session and how it connects to everything, literally, everything via fascia. :)

It's a central, vital muscle group connected to everything we do, especially breathing. And we each know, in our own way, when we are not breathing deeply, calmly, completely -how our mind and body have a hard time restoring and rejuventaing.

Our Psoas, not only holds much physical tension by pulling our abdomen's forward, locking tension in our low backs and turning our toes out and weakening our adductors, but is also directly related to our body's ability to allow fight or flight system activation, emotional & mental stresses,  and past traumas to move through our experience swiftly and 'more easily'.

Our Psoas' major function is flexion of the hip joints (or the action of bringing your thighs towards your chest)

It lives on both sides of your spine and to sit up from lying down you have to flex both at the same time.

If you flex one side and not the other it bends your trunk over to the side.

A tight psoas can put stress into other surrounding muscle groups since, it is such a large muscle complex and connects your thoracic spine #12 through lumbar spine #1-5 out to your hip crest (ilia) and into the inside of your upper leg bone (femur).

It is especially important to note that tightness of the psoas is usually the first culprit in low back pain!

It also gets tight or shortened by sitting a lot! How much time do you spend with your knees pressing up against your chest or even lying flat on your back? Honestly most people sleep on their sides and don't get much time at all to open and feel the full ends of their range of motion in each hip joint, leading to achiness and pain with standing, walking and moving!

Psoas also works with a muscle called iliacus, located right inside your hip crest on both sides.

It assists psoas in hip flexion and also is very important in releasing for proper resting rotation of both hip bones.

It is often the culprit in creating unwanted rotation and imbalance in the hip, which leads to a whole cascade of misalignments up and down your spine.

In this one hour class, we will learn how to self assess tightness, misalignment and proper release of your psoas, and iliacus.

These experiential self release workshops will be offered various Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please make sure to confirm the date and time before you come to class!

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you.

:) Erin

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